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February 08, 2021


The Services SETA is one of 21 SETAs and has the duty to disburse training levies that are collected from employers. These levies are collected by the Services SETA through the Department of Higher Education and Training and are disbursed to help with skills development.

This SETA aims to co-ordinate the development of employment and entrepreneurship within the services industry. This will assist in the effort of South Africa to grow the economy of the country


The bursary is aimed at addressing the question of skills shortages in the country. It offers basic financial support which assists bursary holders to make payments towards the completion of their studies. You must be unemployed and be studying in a public institution in the South Africa.

The aim of the bursary funding is to ensure that a flow of quality skills into the labour market of the services sector is continuous and sustainable.


These are the study options that will be assisted by the Services SETA:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and or SMME development
  • Media and Communications
  • Project Management
  • Waste Management Cleaning
  • Dermatology and related
  • Cosmetic developments
  • Real Estate and Property Development
  • Business Management /Administration
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences


Below is the list of scarce skills that also receive funding from Services SETA. These are listed as critical skills although they are not direct with SETAs:

  • Metallurgy
  • Mechatronics
  • Actuarial Science
  • Medical scientist
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Web and multimedia developers


Undergraduate and Btech R65 000
Honours R70 000
Masters R90 000
PhD R120 000
TVET Colleges R35 000

Allowances payable by the Services SETA are as follows:

Tuition and registration fees
Prescribed books
Campus accommodation
Research and travel allowance

Book allowance

Successful applicants must visit Van Schaik bookshop with the following:
  • Proof of Registration
  • Fee statement
  • Faculty veri ed prescribed books list that corresponds with the
  • Bursars registered modules (no books for repeat modules)
  • Any form of identi cation

The Services SETA reserves the right to terminate the bursary if:

• The bursar is found to have breached any terms and conditions of the bursary, as de ned by the Services SETA in the contract
• The bursar is found to have defrauded the Services SETA in any way .i.e fraudulent lease agreement, purchasing books other than those prescribed
• The student does not pass all registered modules
• The bursar is found guilty of any misconduct or ill-discipline by the
• The student changes quali cation or starts another quali cation without
completing the one they are funded for.
• The learner is found to have failed to uphold and/or adhere to the
requirements of the agreement
• The learners, for whatever reason, is disquali ed or expelled by the
• The student is excluded due to poor performance, exceeding N2 rule
• The student fails to complete the quali cation on record time


For Services SETA bursary these are the contact details that must be used:
bursaries@serviceseta.org.za 2017 queries bursaries2018@serviceseta.org.za 2018 queries Results@serviceseta.org.za for results Administration queries: Mmapitsi Semenya
Tell: 011 276 9600(ext. 9644, 6163) or 011 694 8600

Head Office Contact

Johannesburg 15 Sherborne Road, Parktown Tel: 011 276 9600 www.serviceseta.org.za


January 31, 2021

SAPPI Bursaries 2021

SAPPI bursaries are available to school leaver or university student between 18 and 25 years old, and are studying (or intending to study) full time at any South African accredited university, you could be eligible for our bursary scheme.

Sappi Bursaries Available 2021

Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Mechatronics
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Forestry and Wood Sciences
National Diploma – Pulp and Paper
National Diploma in Forestry.

Sappi Bursary Eligibility

South African citizenship an average of 70-80% in Mathematics (not Maths Literacy), 70-80% in Physical Science, and 60% in English, and qualifying points for entrance at the university, or acceptance confirmation.
Current university results will be considered for undergraduate students. Note that preference will be given to learners with an average of 75% and above in Mathematics and Physical Science.
andidate Requirements:
South African citizens studying or intending to study full time at any South African accredited universities.
Bursaries are for school leavers and current university students aged between 18 and 25 years.
An average of 70-80% in Mathematics (Not Maths Literacy); 70-80% in Physical Science and 65% in English
Must have qualifying points for entrance at the university or acceptance confirmation
Current university results would be considered for undergraduates students.

How to Apply for Sappi Bursary?

Interested persons, who meet the above requirements, are invited to:
eMail their CV, motivational letter and results to: bursary.recruitment@sappi.com
Post your applications to:
The ETQA Manager, Human Resources, Sappi Southern Africa Ltd, PO Box 31560, Braamfontein, 2001
Hand in their applications at their local HR Department.
Bursary Equiries:
For more information visit Sappi
Conditions of Bursary:
Service binding contract after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary
Bursary Inclusion:
University tuition fees
Registration fees
Exam fees
Book and pocket money
How To Apply For Sappi Bursary/Scholarships?

Contact Person: Lebo Shabangu (Human Resources) Tel: 011 407 8111 Email: youngtalent@sappi.com

Sappi bursaries


January 30, 2021

Netcare Bursaries 2021

The Bursary Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Advisory committee of the Netcare Group and is responsible for supporting, encouraging and facilitating all bursary activities. The role of the Bursary Committee is to support, encourage and facilitate bursary activities at Netcare. This role includes:

To foster an environment that encourages bursary applications from prospective tertiary learners. 

To create a support structure to facilitate bursary application and payment processes. 

To promote continued staff development by creating opportunities for lifelong learning. 

To promote advice to staff and prospective external applicants regarding application and processes regarding bursary funding.


November 01, 2020
ILASA Bursaries

ILASA Bursaries 2020 - 2021

Bursaries will be awarded to students pursuing a qualification in the Landscape Architectural profession (undergraduate or postgraduate Diploma/ Degree).

Who Can Apply?

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying:

South African citizen/ naturalized citizen,
Studying (or intend on studying) towards an approved Landscape Architectural qualification,
Studying (or intend on studying) at a recognised South African tertiary institution (registered and accredited with South African Council of the Landscape Architectural Profession and the Council for Higher Education),
Achieved a minimum average of 60% in previous year of study,
Proven financial need.

Directions To Apply?

The latest application form can be downloaded from: http://www.ilasa.co.za/ilasa-bursary-application/

Please be sure to also download and read the “Bursary Policy Document” and the “Bursary Agreement” from the above link.

Please include the following items in your application pack:

ID document (certified copy),
Parents/ guardians ID documents (certified copies),
Parents/ guardians (breadwinner) proof of income (latest payslips if employed/ affidavit if unemployed/ financial balance sheet if self-employed: certified copies),
Full academic record from tertiary institution (certified copy),
Self-addressed envelope or post-card, with an affixed postage stamp.

How To Apply?

Complete application forms and supporting documentation (original documents) must be submitted in one of the following ways:
1) Hand delivered:
121 Muckleneuk, cnr Middel and Koningin Wilhelminah Street
Nieuw Muckleneuk
Attention: CBE Skills Development Department

2) Posted:
P.O Box 915
Attention: CBE Skills Development Department

For any bursary queries, please contact:
CBE Skills Development Department:
Joseph Komane / Leon White
Tel: 012 346 3985
Cell: 079 510 6463 / 071 681 0973
Email: joseph@cbe.org.za / leon@cbe.org.za


November 01, 2020
Armscor Bursaries

Armscor Bursaries 2020 - 2021

Armscor, the Armaments Corporation of South Africa, is seeking suitable candidates to register at a South African university or university of technology.

Armscor Bursaries Information

Armscor, the Armaments Corporation of South Africa, is offering bursaries for studies to suitably qualified South African learners who are in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of study, to register at a South African university or university of technology. The aim of the scheme is to address the critical science and engineering skills of the defence industry, by focusing on promoting and improving results in Maths, Science and technical subjects at schools. The bursaries will be awarded to learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who intend to study full time in the engineering and science fields of study.

Armscor Bursaries Available

• Mechanical Engineering
• Aeronautical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronics Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Computer Science Engineering
• Applied Mathematics
• Science
• Applied Mathematics
• Statistics
• BSc (with the intention to study Ergonomics at postgraduate level)

Armscor Bursaries Value

An Armscor bursary covers the following:

• Tuition fees
• Accommodation and meals
• Prescribed books
• Mentoring and coaching
• Vacation work
• Psychosocial support in the form of individual counselling

Application Requirements

• Candidates must have an interest in working in the defence industry.
• First-time applicants must have achieved good results in Grade 12 in Mathematics, Science, and English (achievement levels of 5, 6 and 7).

How To Apply?

Apply for Armscor bursary for 2021 via https://www.armscor.co.za


October 14, 2020
Mondi Bursaries

Mondi Bursaries 2020 - 2021

Mondi bursaries are offered to first year students who intend studying towards achieving a Bachelor Science in Forestry at the University of Stellenbosch.

Mondi Bursaries Criteria

Must be a South African citizen

Solid academic record for 1st semester BSc Forestry at Stellenbosch University

Must have a Driver’s license or must obtain a license before being placed in a plantation

Preference will be given to HDSA (historically disadvantaged South African) students

Mondi Bursary Value

Mondi bursaries cover tuition, accommodation meals and book throughout the year approved. The bursary is renewed every year after submitting good academic report.

How To Apply for Mondi Bursaries?

The following application documents are necessary:

Motivational letter

Short Curriculum Vitae

Certified copy of Matric certificate

Certified copy of Identification Document and Driver’s license 

Apply online via https://www.mondigroup.com/en/careers/graduate-and-internship-opportunities/


Clover Bursary


Clover houses many brands under it and manufactures and distributes a wide range of dairy and other products in South Africa. Its products are distributed via big retail stores and the company has been around for more than 100 years.

Clover has a vision to become a leader in branded and food beverages in the country and other seleceted countries in Africa. 

Clover's corporate strategy aims to build onto already existing competencies in the Group with the aim of establishing a culture of what the company regards as exceptional performance with the view of setting a platform for future market expansion.


Clover are seeking out individuals who are dynamic, have leadership qualities and lead a balance lifestyle. If you are determined to succeed, have a great academic record and have completed your first year of study, this bursary may just be for you.

The Clover bursary will be awarded to those applicants who are studying within one of the following fields of study:

  • Information Technology (BSc)
  • Marketing Management (BCom)
  • Mathematics and Statistics (BCom)
  • Computer Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Electronic Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Chemical Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Industrial Engineering (B.Eng)
  • Mechatronics (B.Eng)
  • Biochemistry (BSc)
  • Computer Science (BSc)
  • Information and Knowledge Systems (BSc)
  • LLB
  • Information Systems (BIT)
  • Food Science (BSc)
  • Chemistry (BSc)
  • Accounting (BCom)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (BCom)
  • Marketing (BCom)


The bursary programme covers R60 000 to R75 000 of tuition fees per annum until completion of studies, while students are responsible for covering the cost of registration; classes; accommodation; travel and living expenses.

Students are also given the opportunity to gain knowledge and working experience through structured vacation work, and on completion of their studies, students may be offered career aspects within the Clover Young Professional Development Program.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum criteria before applying to the bursary scheme:

Successfully completed first year of study in one of the aforementioned fields of study,

Studying full-time at a university that is on the list of Clover’s preferred HET institutions,

Strong academic performance record,

Preference will be given to healthy individuals who lead a balanced lifestyle.


Bursary applications must be done online via https://clover.scubed.co.za/recruitment_clover/

You will be required to register in order to be able to apply


  • You are required to return your application with certified copies on the following documentation:
  • Your identity document (certified copies)
  • If you are currently in Grade 12, submit your Grade 11 results
  • If your Matric is complete, please submit your Matric certificate copy (certified)
  • Students already enrolled in a higher learning institution are required to submit their latest performance record (academic record)
  • Your CV


The closing date is 30 September 2021 for year 2022 applications.


You can contact the Head Office is you have any questions regarding this bursary on (011) 471 1400


September 04, 2020

You can download bursary application forms (PDF) by providing us with your email address on the form below. Once you have entered your email address, quickly check your emails for a confirmation link and activate. 


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Harmony Gold Bursaries 2020 - 2021

The objective of the Harmony Gold Bursaries scheme is to recruit and select bursars for full time study at accredited Tertiary Institutions. By educating, training and developing individuals who demonstrate the appropriate skills, knowledge and competence, value creation is sustained for the company and all it’s stakeholders.
Harmony Gold Bursaries scheme contributes to the development of historically disadvantaged South Africans and covers tuition and residence fees, as well as prescribed textbooks and a personal allowance.

Harmony Gold Bursaries Study Fields

Mining Engineering Bursaries

Mining is an underground or open cast process whereby minerals are extracted by means of explosives.
Metallurgy (extractive only) Bursaries
Metallurgy is the study of the economical recovery of precious metals and minerals. (Exploring by use of all the disciplines and techniques.)
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Heavy current only)

A competent Electrical or Mechanical Engineer is a member of the management team at each operation. They are responsible for the safe installation and the proper operation, running and maintenance of all machinery, both electrical and mechanical. They are also responsible for the safe erection and proper maintenance of all buildings and structures on these operations.
Geology (Ore Reserves)

At Harmony the Geologist is an integral member of the Management Team, and is accountable for extracting ore body in an optimal manner. At an early stage the geologist will apply his/her knowledge to the practical solution of problems in the underground environment, liasing closely with the production teams. Daily duties include underground mapping, borehole logging, data collection and synthesis (structural, sedimentological and grade) and communication of their findings to the rock breaking teams.

The finance department is responsible for all financial transactions. The correct allocation, classification and value of these transactions should be done on a daily basis.

The function is also responsible to ensure that the company complies with certain statutory requirements as lined out by the Companies and Tax Acts.

Apply For Harmony Gold Bursaries

To apply for Harmony Gold Bursaries, please complete our online bursary application form before 31 May 2013. All bursaries awarded will lead to a contractual obligation between Harmony and the bursary. Apply via http://www.harmony.co.za/job-seekers/bursaries/online-bursary-application

Harmony Gold Bursaries 2021


TETA Bursaries 2021

TETA Bursaries 2020 - 2021

The Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) is offering bursaries and invites all talented and high performing unemployed full-time learners to apply for financial assistance.

Learners eligible for bursaries: those who are currently registered or planning to be registered with TVETs, HETs, Accredited Aviation Schools, Accredited Diving Schools as well as learners who completed or will complete matric (Senior Certificate) and plan to commence studies in 2017.

Learners are advised to apply for bursaries in line with study programmes listed below and on the TETA website.

Applicants who are currently studying at Institutions of Higher Learning are required to apply through their respective Institutions. The list of institutions and contact details are available here.

TETA Bursaries Available (2021)

(N1-N6) or ND or B degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering

(N1-N6) or National Diploma or B Degree in Mechanical Engineering

B Degree in Aeronautical Engineering

National Diploma or B Degree in Business Management

Commercial Pilot License

Instructor’s Rating

Instrument Rating

B Com in Aviation

National Diploma or B degree in Logistics Management

National Diploma in Operations Management

National Diploma in Health and/or Safety Management

National Diploma or B Degree in Road Transport Management

B Degree in Supply Chain Management

National Diploma or B degree in Transportation Management

B degree in Transport Economics

Commercial Divers, Class 11,111 and IV

Degree in Mechanical Engineering: (Maritime)

National Diploma : Maritime Studies

Applicants must be South African citizens and be at the age of 35 years or below.

Funding will only be applicable to applicants applying for studies related to the list provided and that should lead to a full academic qualification for the applicable courses.

The bursary will cover tuition, accommodation accredited by an academic institution, books and meals as per TETA Direct Learner Bursary Policy and Funding Model.

The bursary award targets previously disadvantaged and impoverished youth (35 years old and younger) from rural and urban communities within South Africa, females and people with disabilities.

How To Apply for TETA Bursaries for 2021?

In order to file an application for TETA bursary you must follow instructions below

TETA bursaries closing date is September 30, 2020 at 16h30.

Below the application forms which contains a list of qualifications to be funded, guidelines and terms and conditions for the bursaries and other relevant documents.

Application forms must be completed in full.

Applicants should clearly state on the application form the chosen course of study, duration of study, cost per year and current year of study.

Applications should be accompanied by documents as per the checklist attached to the application form.

Fully and correctly completed application forms may be submitted in the following ways: Via Post Private Bag X 10016, Randburg 2125, Hand delivery to TETA Office listed below:

Gauteng Office: No 344, Pretoria Avenue, Randburg, Attention: Mpho Langa: SD & LP Unit, Hand delivery can also be done to: TETA offices listed below: KwaZulu Natal Office: 2nd Floor, 67 KE Masinga Road, Durban 4001, 031 301 9614 (Att: Ndumiso Nzama), Western Cape Office: WBHO House, Glen Roy Road, Pinelands 7430, 021 531 3064 (Att: Zaida Sampson), Limpopo Office: Capricon College for FET, Senwabarwana Campus, Senwabarwana Main Road, Bochum, (Att: Thandazile Mabuya), Vhembe TVET College: Techniven, Makwarela Campus (Att: Phumudzo Muronga), Lephalale TVET College: C/o Nelson Mandela & Ngoako Ramatlhodi Drive, Onverwacht, Lephalale, at tel: (014) 763 2252 Ext 221 (Att: Phaswane Lebogang Sewela) For any enquiries, please contact: (011) 577 7033 / 7018.

Only successful candidates will be communicated to. If you do not hear from TETA by the end of January 2021, please consider your application to be unsuccessful.


September 01, 2020
Trudon Bursaries 2021

Trudon Bursary 2020 - 2021

Trudon Bursaries Application Requirements

Be a South African citizen or permanent resident
Able to provide proof of his/her current academic results and be in possession of a grade 12 exemption certificate with Maths
Be accepted by the chosen university for the specific course
Be a second or third year student studying full time at a recognised South African university (that is acceptable to Trudon) towards an undergraduate degree in:
Informatics or IT Management

Computer Science and Informatics or Information Technology / Mathematical Science

Multimedia Design

Digital Media Studies

Multimedia Design and Digital Media Studies are awarded to students studying towards a Bachelor of Information Science (Publishing and Multimedia) and or Graphic Design qualification.
These degrees represent fields of relevance to the company. The main criteria for the selection of applications are financial need and academic potential.
Trudon does not award bursaries towards post-graduate studies.

Bursary Academic Requirements

Second or third year tertiary students: Majors and overall average minimum 60%.

Trudon Bursary Amount?

Registration and Tuition fees
Book Allowance
Residence fees (where applicable)

How will my progress be monitored?

Trudon bursaries are reviewed after each examination based on the student’s academic performance and renewed annually.
All bursaries are granted on merit but preference is given to black (Africans, Coloureds and Indian) applicants.

What happens after graduation?

After graduation, the student may be required to work 12 to 18 months for Trudon
Should the bursary recipient not accept the contract of employment, repayment will become due of all monies owed to the Company

In-Service training periods are excluded from this period. The obligation period for tertiary students will only commence after successful completion of the graduation programme.

How To Apply?

Apply online via http://www.trudon.co.za/