Lgseta Bursaries 2018

The LGSETA offers Bursaries and Internship programmes to both employed and
unemployed people to respond to the service delivery challenges and also to assist the
unemployed people to attain the necessary skills and knowledge in order for them to be

The following are the programmes offered by the LGSETA:
  • Internships
  • Bursaries

Lgseta Bursaries Programme

The internships are mainly offered on strategic areas or interventions that aim to address
the scarce and critical skills.

The following areas have been receiving attention regarding the internship programme:
  • Property Valuation;
  • Internal Auditing;
  • Engineering (Civil Eng, Electrical, Transport & Urban Engineering)

The intention to institute the above internships is to create a pool of skilled people in the
Municipalities who will be then absorbed by the municipalities. In all the Internships
programmes that are implemented by the LGSETA, majority of them are young people.
A number of 100 prospective interns are absorbed in the internship programme each year.

2017 Lgseta Bursaries Programme

To ensure that society is competitive, the LGSETA has a Bursary Scheme, which

Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Transport & Urban Engineering);
Property Valuation (currently suspended until further notice);
Internal Auditing

The bursaries on Engineering and Property Valuation, to-date have been offered to the
employed municipal officials with an aim of capacitating such municipalities. A number
of 50 bursaries are offered to students each year.

The Internal Auditing bursary scheme applies directly to students who are already
furthering their studies in the institutions of higher learning. After the completion of their
studies, such bursars are obliged to work for the municipalities for a period equal to the
years sponsored whilst at school.

You can apply for Lgseta bursaries by clicking on the link below