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The Bursary team is confident that they will select the cream of the crop, noting that approximately 70% of the applicants already meet the minimum requirements – that of 60% in Mathamtics and Science.

The Department has finalized the process of capturing the applicants onto the Bursary system. Currently, the Bursary team is liaising with applicants who have outstanding information that is required for the entire process to be conducted properly.

Once all of this leg-work has been completed, the Department will commence with the weighing process, where they consider all the provided information for the purposes of determining which of the new applicants will receive a bursary for 2011.

The weighing process is informed by:
•Minimum requirements of 60% in Science and Mathamatics
•The applicants affordability

•Age bracket of between 16 and 35 years

•SA Citizenship

•Scarce and critical skills urgently needed by the construction industry

The Department anticipates informing the successful applicants by next year February/March at the latest.
CETA’s investment in the youth is informed by the fact that young people are integral to the future of the construction sector, and indeed the country. The organisation has therefore strategically positioned itself to play a role in ensuring that the youth of South Africa realise the personal value and the national imperative of entering the construction sector.

CETA has also signed an MOU with the National Youth Development Agency to fund skills development programmes to a tune of 2.1 Million. Details

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LGSETA Bursary 2017 - 2018

LGSETA Bursaries 2017 - 2018

The LGSETA invites students who are interested in joining the local government sector to apply for our bursary opportunity.

In response to the national “#FeesMustFall” campaign experienced at Higher Education Institutions across the country during 2015, the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) embarked on a bursary scheme in line with the Annual Bursary targets agreed with the Department of Higher Education and Training, and in line with the LGSETA policy to assist students by funding their studies.


Read these notes carefully before completing the application form.

Make sure that you read every section and that the information you provide is accurate.

1. Please complete application the online link:

2. INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (this includes forms with missing documents).

3. The LGSETA does not take responsibility and will not be held liable for …

Total Bursaries 2017

Total Bursaries 2017

Total is awarding bursaries for 2017 to students studying towards a formal qualification at either an FET college or a university.
We offer bursaries to x10 learners who require financial assistance for full time tuition at an FET college or a university in order for them to achieve a formal qualification e.g. a certificate, diploma or degree.
The aim of this bursary programme is to:
• Enhance youth development and employability • Create a pool of talent to feed into the Young Talent Graduate programme
• Create a skills pool for scares and critical skills required by the company.
Total Bursaries Available
• Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial and Civil) • Internal Auditing • Analytical Chemistry • Marketing • Environmental Protection • Human Resources • Logistics / Supply Chain Management • Law and Governance • Health and Safety
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Eskom Bursaries

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Therefore a number of Eskom bursary schemes are available to assist capable students to acquire good education which is essential for a better future.

Eskom bursaries available

Offered mainly based on business needs of the business, given to the following individuals:
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South African citizen
After completion of studies, to work-back obligation equal to contract duration
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