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First Rand Trust bursaries are awarded to hard working students on annula basis. This means that the bursary must be renewed every year. This is successfully done by submitting your performance results at the end of the year.

First Rand Bursaries Eligibility

These bursaries are for students pursuing their tertiary education in any university or university of technology in South Africa

Bursary Amount

R40 000 per each year of study

Who Qualifies

Students currently doing Matric and those already enrolled in a university or university of technology.

First Rand Trust Bursary Closing Date

15 June of each year.

Bursary Application Address

First Rand Trust Bursariesc/o Career Wise (Pty) LtdP O Box 30632Braamfontein2017

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Huletts Bursaries For 2013

Hulett is making available multiple career opportunities within Tongaat Hulett across the various operating companies with operations in South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Examples of typical career opportunities are as follows:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • IT
  • Financial Management
  • General Management

Hulett Bursaries Offered

A limited number of bursaries are offered for studies at Universities or Technikons typically in the following disciplines:

  • Chemical Engineering Bursaries
  • Mechanical Engineering Bursaries
  • Electrical Engineering Bursaries
  • Process Engineering Bursaries

In-service training programmes

These programmes are offered to individuals with potential to work for the company, who are in possession of an S4 qualification, or who are studying towards a B Tech qualification. This is offered predominantly in the Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering disciplines. Other opportunities include Analytical Chemistry and Food Technology. Apply 



SAB Ltd is the South African beverage arm of SABMiller plc, with our corporate headquarters based in Sandton, Gauteng. We have 7 production operations across South Africa and distribute 14 beer and fruit flavoured alcoholic beverage brands to liquor retailers via a national network of 42 depots, 10 independent beer distributors and 2 BEE empowerment franchise distributors.
SAB Beer Division delivers to 23 000 customers nationwide.

SAB is committed to contributing to South Africa’s national skills development agenda. One of the ways in which this is demonstrated is by awarding academic bursaries to talented and deserving South African students. Bursary focus areas change from year to year and are impacted by the South African skills market and the SAB business need.

Bursary Requirements

Bursaries are available to South African citizens who have achieved an average of 70%+, are matriculating at the end of 2013 or already studying with a 65 %+ average and who show good leadership potential.
Studying towards a undergradute B Comm degree/Post graduate qualification in Marketing, Business Science and Economics.


In addition to financial support, our bursars are also afforded the opportunity to learn more about the world of work by participating in the resolution of real business challenges, through structured summer school or vacation work.

SAB expects it’s bursars to maintain high academic standards and exemplary behavioural conduct during their years of study. After the successful completion of their degrees, our bursars join the company full time as graduate trainees.

Additional Information

Management reserves the right to use additional / relevant information as criteria for short-listing.

(Please be advised that short-listed candidates may be required to undergo psychometric assessments).

Employment Type
Central Office
Online Bursary Application

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Kpmg bursaries require outstanding academic achievement as a basis. When applying for a bursary with KPMG, choose which is best for you by asking these questions:

Do you need extensive funding for your studies? If not, apply for the Pure Merit Bursary.
Would you be unable to attend university without significant financial support? If yes, apply for the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs.

Our bursaries take the ever-changing needs of our students into account to make sure that the students the Firm funds have what they need to complete their studies successfully. We also consider the skills needed in the professional services market place and KPMG’s internal skills needs.
Who Must Apply for Kpmg Bursaries
To apply for either the Pure Merit Bursary or the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be studying a SAICA recognised degree at a SAICA recognised university or other tertiary education institution
  • You must be studying full time
  • You must be completing your degree in the minimum number of years, ie you may not split a one year course over two years

All Kpmg bursaries require students to achieve an academic average of 65% (60% for 3rd year and 50% for CTA) for Financial accounting and must obtain a total average of 65% (60% for 3rd year and 55% for CTA) for the four major subjects (Financial accounting, Management accounting, Auditing, Tax)

The bursary is awarded on condition that the student maintains his or her academic achievements throughout the period of study.

Bloemfontein Apply here
Cape Town Apply here
Durban Apply here
East London Apply here
Johannesburg Apply here
Nelspruit Apply here
Pietermaritzburg Apply here
Polokwane Apply here
Port Elizabeth Apply here
Secunda Apply here

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Iscor bursaries are offered under ArcelorMittal as this is the company that bought Iscor. Engineering bursaries are granted for a four year B Eng degree at a nominated South African University.

Iscor Bursary Fields

Mechanical, electrical, chemical, metallurgical, Information Technology and industrial.

Who Qualifies For A Bursary

Candidates currently in Grade 12 who have obtained at least a 70% (depending on the
university requirements) in Grade 11 for both Mathematics and Physical Science.
An aggregate of at least a 60% is also required for the rest of the Grade 11 subjects.
Candidates who have completed Grade 12 with the minimum symbols as above.

Bursary Entails

Full registration, tuition and residence fees including meals.
A cash amount for miscellaneous expenses.
A personal computer allowance is provided in the first academic ye

A bursary agreement is applicable.
Four years.
Annually, on 28 February.
A complete CV with Grade 12/13 results and ID

How To Apply

To apply for any of our bursary opportunities please forward your application to:

The Resourcing Officer
ArcelorMittal South Africa
PO Box 2
Vanderbijlpark 1900
Fax: 016 889 3300
e-mail: recruitmentsa@arcelormittal.com

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Rand Water's aim of this bursary scheme is to meet the needs of the organisation. The bursaries are awarded to persons from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. These bursaries have in the main been in engineering and scientific fields and carry an obligation for the recipient to work for Rand Water for a period on completion of their studies. Rand Water employs such bursars at its discretion, based on organisational requirements. These bursaries are open to all, including children of staff, who compete on the same basis as external applicants.

Bursaries are offered in fields which are relevant to Rand Water’s operational requirements and where there is a comparative scarcity of potential employees with appropriate tertiary qualifications. 

Rand Water Bursaries Categories:

  • BSc Electrical Engineering (heavy/light current) 
  • BSc Chemical Engineering
  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Information Technology 
  • BSc Quantity  Survey
  • Degree Financial Accounting
  • Degree Bachelor of Commerce
  • Degree Bachelor of Law
  • ND Environmental Science
  • ND Water Care 
  • ND Human Resources Management
  • Chartered Secretariat 

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The aim of Mintek’s Undergraduate Bursary Programme is primarily to ensure a steady supply of trained and highly skilled technical people to meet a major portion of Mintek’s operational, research, and development manpower intake needs, and also to provide appropriately-skilled graduates to the broader South African minerals and metallurgy sector, as per Mintek’s Mission Statement.

Mintek provides bursaries for undergraduate degrees, Honours degrees and BTech diplomas. (Unfortunately Mintek does not provide bursaries to students studying towards their National Diplomas.) Bursaries cover the full payment of registration, tuition and residence fees, plus an allowance, in return for a commitment to work at Mintek on a year-for-year basis. On completion of their studies, bursars undergo an intensive training course that is aimed at turning them into career scientists.

Mintek Bursaries Vacation Work

Mintek bursars are obliged to undertake vacation work at Mintek at the end of their first, second, and third undergraduate years for approximately 8 weeks. Vacation work affords Mintek the opportunity to impart to bursars the necessary knowledge, skills and experience that is needed to research, development and technology transfer to industry, and to evaluate them as potential employees. Every student is allocated to a technical division and is directly involved in a relevant Mintek project.

Unfortunately Mintek only hosts Mintek bursars for vacation work due to the fact that we do not have the capacity (specifically supervisory manpower and available projects) to host non-bursars for vacation work as well.

Postgraduate Bursary Programme

Mintek’s Postgraduate Bursary Programme further equips undergraduates through the development of research methodology skills at the Masters level, followed by the generation of original research that contributes new knowledge to a field at the Doctoral level. Bursaries cover the full payment of registration, tuition and residence fees, plus an allowance, in return for a commitment to work at Mintek on a month-for-month basis. Bursars are also given the opportunity to work closely with some of the world’s foremost researchers, learn more about other scientific divisions at Mintek and become involved in interesting research. Apply here

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