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Unisa Courses For 2011

Unisa courses for 2011 are normally found on Unisa website but we have put together courses for 2011 on our blog to help you find some under one roof. The following courses fall under Science, Engineering & Technology:

National Certificate
National Certificate: Water Care (NCWAE) National Diploma
National Diploma: Engineering: Civil (NDECI) National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Clinical Engineering (NDEENCEN) National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Computer Systems (NDEENCOS) National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Electronics And Electronic Communication (NDEENEEC) National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Mechatronics (NDEENMEC) National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering (NDEENPEN) National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Process Instrumentation (NDEENPIN) National Diploma: Engineering: Industrial (NDEID) National Diploma: Engineering: Mechanical (NDEMC) National Diploma: Engineering: Chemical (NDENG) National Diploma: Information Technology (N…

Sport Bursaries

Sport Abursaries
If you are a promising athlete, have performed well at school, provincial or national and international level, the right place to pursues your academic and sporting career is the University of the Western Cape. Provided that you also fulfill academic requirements, you may apply for our sport bursaries. These sports bursaries are also available to matriculants with good sports perfomances and wishing to study at UWC. Apart from sport bursaries the university also offers a number of other bursary/loan options. Enquiries for these sport bursaries can be directed to the following person :
Ms L Anthony Head of Financial Aid 021 959 2310
Mrs I Groenewald General Sports Bursaries 021 959 2548
Mr. N Kock Cricket Bursaries 021 959 2350


There is a world of exciting possibilities out there. You simply have to grab hold of them. After all, you have the world at your feet - your time is now! So, take that first step to becoming the force that is going to shake up the world and apply for your Student loan. Let us take care of the cost of your study expenses at a competitive interest rate. With your student loan you will also receive a Standard Bank transaction account with a debit card. Together we will choose the account that best suits your needs. You can use the money from your student loan for:Fees Books Equipment Accommodation. Loans for accommodation will only be granted to full-time students not living with their parents. Interest rateYou qualify for preferential rates according to your qualification and year of study. Repaying my student loanIf you are a full-time student, you will need to start repaying the loan on completion of your studies. However, during your time of study, you will be required to pay the monthly in…

Bursaries for 2011

The City of Cape Town is offering bursaries to residents in the greater Cape Metropolitan area who will be registering for a full-time undergraduate/postgraduate degree/diploma at approved tertiary institutions in one of the following fields of study in 2011:
Architecture Chemical Engineering Conservation of the Built Environment Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current) Energy Management Environmental Management Heritage Studies and Management Mechanical Engineering Project Management (Postgraduate) Supply Chain Management Town & Regional Planning Transportation/Traffic/Civil Engineering Valuations Water Care/Water Utilisation Bursary Details

Managing Exam Stress

We wish all those writing their exams in 2010 all the best.

Examination stress has many different sources. The combination of different factors, namely the thoughts and emotions that each student has, is responsible for creating the stress.

Lack of Self ConfidencePerhaps the number one cause that creates stress on students is the sense that they do not have the ability to cope with the demands of the exams. This is a subjective belief, and really does not mean that the student does not have the skills to pass, but fears that they do not have confidence in themselves.
CompetitionAnother critical factor that causes examination stress is that there is intense competition for the limited available places in higher education. This means that some people will stay out of them. Another fear is that students believe that the effort made for reading will be "lost" if the student does not pass the exams.
Negative thoughtsNegative thoughts generated by the student before the exams are a ve…